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  1. Nano 30L do emprego.

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  2. Blue Reef - 160L

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  3. 65L Reef

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  4. Pico Reef 10

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  5. Nano Reef de 54l

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  6. O meu pequeno projecto

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  7. Eighty Nano!

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  8. 60L - Primeiro reef

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  9. Belga(s)

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  10. Nano 60 Litros

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  11. Cubo de 100 litros

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  12. Nano Reef X

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  13. nano da costa

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  14. 1º nano reef

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  15. Nano 84 Litros

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  16. Recife54

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  17. DiLi aquario

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  18. Tropic Marin

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  19. Padang90

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Data de criação do fórum: March 16, 2003 00:00:00
  • Próximos Eventos

    • ISTA International Aquascaping Contest


      João Branquinho
      em Fórum


      ISTA is one of the most well-known Taiwanese brands in the world, and we consider ourselves as the leader in the aquascaping field. Promoting aquascaping is always one of our missions. Taiwanese hobbyists have won many awards in several world-class competitions, so we feel the need of hosting an international aquascaping contest in Taiwan. ISTA International Aquascaping Contest is the very first time Taiwan launching a worldwide contest, which opens to everyone and free of charge.

      In order to promote aquascaping in Taiwan and Worldwide, we sincerely invite participants from all over the world to attend this great contest. The goal is to encourage and inspire more people to join the world of aquascaping. Furthermore, we are very honor to have professional hobbyists from different countries to be our judges.

      With the convenience of Internet, participants can easily attend the competition simply by upload their photos on our website. Taiwanese judges will pick up top 50 works at the primary selection and the final will be conducted by all international judges.

      The entry fee is free of charge and every participant can upload up to 5 works that made in one year. The prize of IIAC is also the highest in the world; Grand Prize is USD10,000, so get ready to submit your works!

      Detalhes do Evento
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    • PetFestival 2018


      João Branquinho
      em Fórum

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      João Branquinho
      em Fórum

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    • International AGA Aquascaping Contest - Abertura das candidaturas


      João Branquinho
      em Fórum


      Hello Fellow Aquascapers,

      We are excited to announce that the 2017 International AGA Aquascaping Contest will officially open for submission of aquascape entries on June 17th, 2017. As in the past, information including the guidelines, entry forms and other important information about the contest are all right here. Click here to begin your registration.

      For this year’s contest, there is an important change to the entry process. Contestants will no longer need to physically print out the photo release for their aquascapes! You are still free to publish your photos anywhere you desire and the AGA will only use the photos for display as part of the contest results and other contest-related promotion as in the past.

      For the contest to be a success, the contest committee is always looking for volunteers to help with the work load. The quality of the contest depends on the level of participation from dedicated volunteers from around the world, and this year will be no exception. Of particular importance is finding some people to volunteer for posting of information on websites both in the United States as well as internationally. If you are involved with an international forum or club, please consider helping out by posting announcements to the forums you frequent.

      If you would like to get involved, please email me at

      I look forward to seeing the aquascapes when they are revealed in November of this year! Good luck aquascapers!

      Bailin Shaw 
      Aquascaping Contest Chairperson

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      João Branquinho
      em Fórum


      When taking part in this unique project, you contribute to promoting biotope aquaria and help learning harmony, from nature. When doing your fascinating research on a biotope of freshwater aquatic organisms, you show the beauty of the underwater world and at the same time draw public attention to the problems that threaten the ecology of natural waterbodies.

      Prize pool: € 3,000 + diplomas + certificates + magazine
      Accepting entries: September 1st – 30th
      Evaluating entries: October 11st – 31st
      Results: December 1st

      This year all contestants should provide a video of their biotope aquaria.

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