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  1. No, none of my aquariums are Dutch style, they have strong Dutch influences for 2 of them, but they would place poorly in any Dutch contest. The closest I think I ever came to a Dutch style aquarium was back in the mid 1990's, with one of my 90 Gallon tanks. I could do it, but not any time soon. Maybe ina few years, I will come back to that style and do a pure Dutch style tank.
  2. Yes, a CPR overflow to a sump wet/dry filter.
  3. Ludwigia sphaerocarpa is looking good right now. Not sure why really, it's weird sometimes post trims and gets a little wrinkly, but I've hacked it and few times now and it's just fine and the color is still becoming richer. I want to move the Trithuria sp, blood vomits. I think they will look best in a row. But where to put that row? I'd likely put something like Belem hair grass or maybe the Monte carlo again. Added the Fissidens moss to the branches that make a border around that section. The Erio compressum's have done well thus far. No floating. I split them into a couple more plants once I got them from Aaron, but I counts another 3 on one group and another 3 on another ans at least 2 on the 3rd plant. So they are growing and doing well in this tank. They are so nice, it would suck if they did not:rolleyes: So the 3 problems sections for now: 1. The Rear Left side(see below) 2. The Blood vomits(sounds like my friend's old punk rock band, the blood farmers) 3. The rear right side. I'm okay with these issues for now and have a couple of options. But I want to maximize the return for ease of care, stability of growth patterns, able to sell the plants for a decent return and most importantly,a nice look and eclectic species. Weighing all these demands is never an easy choice, you can quickly chose a few, but as you get towards the end of the location spots in the tank, and the picky behavior due to placement location in the tank to different plant preferences, well.......... I have some issues here, I'd like to move the Syngonanthus urapues over to the left, but it's too dark for it under the branch. I could try and pack more soil back in there and that would raise the level up more, but that will be tough over time. I could call the Fissidens branch a green row and then move the Cuphea back one spot and add Rotala sunset in the more forward section where the Cuphea is now. Both the Syngonanthus and the Rotala need open areas and good current and CO2 to do well.
  4. Finally found some nice Ludwgia inclinata red: The Amcella repens makes a nice Lizard tail substitute. Lizard tail is an often used plant in Europe and in Dutch scapes, but this native Amcella is a nice alternative that many who have used it, frankly have not scaped with it much. The Erio is assuie type 2, a smaller Erio and it will likely split a few more times and then the individuals will fatten up much like E. cinereum. The bright coloration of the L inclinata makes for a nice contrast. It responds well to frequent trimmings and grows quickly. There really is not quite enough space, I needed another 3-5 inches longer tank, then fill out the rows thicker and nicer. Maybe I'll come up with something and a decent solution eventually. I'd thought and still am..........about replacing the Amcella with Downoi. I'll have that plant(either) come down and "fan out" in the front, the L inclinata will fill in a bit more, as will Ludwigia pilosa. L. pilosa has become blotchy red on some leaves, I have about 6-8 plantlets coming along also, but they will take a good 4-8 weeks to research the same sizes as the plants here. The Blotchiness may be from transplanting them a couple times trying them out in other spots, they are sort of like the L. perunesis and the stem is a little fragile and they have similar root systems. The UG replanting method is the best I've done some far, certainly the best method I've seen and the results are quite nice. This is roughly 2 weeks after replanting, this use to take 6-8 weeks to get like this. I moved the Ludwgia "sunset" behind the Erio type 3 Lorax like trees. It grows well and I'm not sure if I plant on keeping it just yet. It will be difficult to beat up the L inclinata for that coveted spot.
  5. I have new plants and some old ones to fill in some spots to see how they look, it's been a fun process trying various species contrast over the last few months.
  6. Haha, I'm not sure WHY I posted in the Marine section, well, I do have seagrasses marine tank: This is a RARE endangered species and I got by accident, but I can grow it well. Halophilia jonhsonii Monderator, could you please move the topic to the sub forum? thank you.
  7. The cabinet cuts out 2ft of the front of the tank. Hard to get a decent pic of this tank. Tank is about on it's 4th week after total tear down. I'll add some new stem plant sin the rear and make a nice hedge.