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Aquarium Therapy in Cancer Patients

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The idea of offering an aquarium to the Oncology Service of Portimao’s Hospital came to life in 2014. With the birth of that idea we found out that was also an old dream that the medical and nursing team had... to have an aquarium that could provide a relaxing and harmonious environment to the patients in treatment.

Pursuing the dream, and our love for aquariums, we did our research regarding having an aquarium in a hospital unit.

With that research we learnt that, besides being something nice to look at, the aquarium would also bring therapeutic benefits to the patients in treatment.

Besides chatting, watching TV and a bit of reading, the patients didn’t have anything else to keep them distracted from the number of hours that they had to go through the not so pleasant chemotherapy treatments.

One of our biggest inspirations, on the therapeutic side, was Deborah Cracknell’s study, from National Marine Aquarium, UK. Several universities in the UK like Plymouth University, University of Exeter Medical School and in the USA like California Academy of Sciences also took part in the study.

The Study :  Aquarium Terapy.pdf


In 2015, after presenting our idea to the Hospital's Administration and obtaining their approval, we published our aquarium’s project : HOPE

Our project had the phenomenal support of several sponsors and has developed into an extraordinary partnership between Aquariofilia.Net and Teia D'Impulsos Association

In June 2016, after months of construction and preparation, we installed HOPE Aquarium in the Chemotherapy’s room.

When planning the development of this aquarium we considered several aspects like Infection control, and designed a layout in a way that the aquarium could be contemplated from both sides in the treatment room.


HOPE had an extremely positive impact in the daily routine of that service, not only on the patients in treatment but on the medical and nursing team too.


National Television News


Tomorrow Interview:



After all the success and the positive impact that HOPE Aquarium had on the patients,  Aquariofilia.Net and Teia D'Impulsos decided to join their efforts again, and together we went forward with another project: The Harmony Aquarium

We are now in the process of raising new equipment, materials or donations to get everything we need. The Harmony Aquarium will be installed in the Palliative Care Unit of Portimão's Hospital.

We already had great donations of several national stores, as well as stores in Holland and England and private donations.

We still have some equipment missing, therefore every contribution and donation is vital!

I appeal and invite everyone to sponsor and support our  Harmony Aquarium, and to leave your mark in this project forever.



We created a donation option, so that members who wish to contribute with money can do so through the forum

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