River MonstersRiver Monsters Season 2x02 "Death Ray"

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River Monsters Season 2x02 "Death Ray"

Jeremy Wade ventures to the Mekong River in Thailand to find what may be the largest freshwater fish: the giant freshwater stingray. Armed with a 10 inch, venom-coated barb, this fish grows to 16 feet long and its venom has no known antidote. Unlike most South American freshwater stingrays (which usually don't get very big and deadly), this creature is a true monster. This behemoth can nearly glue itself to the bottom of the river, and once Jeremy hooks one, it may be his biggest challenge yet. In this adventure he also meets other giants of Southeast Asia: the gentle Mekong giant catfish, a close relative of the well-known iridescent shark. The giant barb he caught in this trip only appears on some photographs made during filming, but not in the actual episode or the extended cut.

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25 April 2010


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Este tópico tem mais de 6 meses de antiguidade... Se fizer sentido, por favor considere criar um novo tópico em vez de reactivar este. Obrigado!

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