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João Branquinho

River MonstersRiver Monsters Season 1x05 "Freshwater Shark"

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River Monsters Season 1x05 "Freshwater Shark"

Sharks are perhaps the most dangerous and feared of all fish, but these predators are confined to the oceans. Or maybe not... The bull shark, the most dangerous and aggressive shark, has been known to swim miles up rivers. Jeremy follows reports of attacks in rivers near the most populated shores of Australia to find out why and how far these fish swim upstream. He traces the trail of blood left by these monsters from bays and lagoonsto rivers, until he finally zeros in on the lair of these sea monsters. After seeing the evidence that these predators can even attack race horses and drag people underwater in completely fresh water, he realizes that he faces a creature even deadlier than a great white shark. While fishing for one, Jeremy finds something even more shocking and terrifying than a fully grown shark.

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17 May 2009


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Este tópico tem mais de 6 meses de antiguidade... Se fizer sentido, por favor considere criar um novo tópico em vez de reactivar este. Obrigado!

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