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João Branquinho

River MonstersRiver Monsters Season 1x05 "Amazon Flesh Eaters"

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River Monsters Season 1x05 "Amazon Flesh Eaters"

Following a report of a fisherman swallowed whole, Jeremy travels to South America in search of the Amazon's largest catfish, the piraíba. Arriving there, Wade not only tries to catch this monster, but discovers that it belongs to a whole family of Amazonian killers. He catches as many catfish species as he can to prove that these whiskered predators really are the ultimate monsters of this place. His mission is to try and catch the three largest catfishes until he encounters with the smallest ones. He finds the candiru, a tiny blood-sucking catfish that has entered a man's body in the most horrifying of places, and the candiru-acú, a catfish that swarms around and drills holes in dead or dying animals, including humans, eating them from the inside out and leaving only the skin and bones. Discovering the horrifying deeds of these fish only pushes him even further, until he faces off with the giant head of the murderous catfish family, 'the mother of all catfishes', the piraíba.

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10 May 2009


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