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Rainbowfishes ~ Their Care & Keeping in Captivity


Second Edition - 2011


Rainbowfishes ~ Their Care & Keeping in Captivity is a comprehensive and illustrated guide to the remarkable rainbowfishes found in Australia and New Guinea. It is an indispensable reference manual for anyone interested in keeping rainbowfishes in captivity. The book provides a tremendous amount of information for anyone from beginner to experienced keeper on just about everything needed to keep and breed rainbowfishes successfully. Detailed easy to follow sections guide the reader through all aspects of their care and keeping in captivity. The information provided covers topics such as distribution, habitats, collecting, shipping, keeping and caring, how to successfully breed and raise rainbowfishes, foods and feeding, disease treatment and prevention, and much more. A comprehensive illustrated species section is also provided.

This book provides the rainbowfish keeper with proven, practical methods for the successful management and propagation of rainbowfishes to ensure they can maintain long-term self-sustainable populations. It is the authors' hope that this book will assist rainbowfish keepers in achieving this goal. No other publication currently exists that brings together all the methods and techniques for successfully keeping rainbowfishes in captivity.

The book combines the authors' years of experience with scientifically researched information from around the globe. This information together with excellent photographs of most of the known species of rainbowfishes from recognised hobbyists world-wide have contributed to make this a truly international rainbowfish reference book.

The book is available in print quality as a free download from the following link:


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